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On Earth I Am Safe (Digital Book)

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On Earth I Am Safe is a toolkit of resources for expanding creativity, accessing inspiration, healing injuries to the creative spirit, finding peace in the midst of emotional distress, and creating joy in everyday life by exploring your creative desires with a total absence of inhibition.

Undergirding this book's hands-on, practical, creativity-growing content is a compelling narrative. I've included the story of how I lost and regained access to my own creativity, and the decline and recovery of my mental health that corresponded with those experiences, to demonstrate how and why the methods I teach work. This book is peppered with Creativity Growth Exercises for putting learning into practice. And it's illustrated by dozens of creative works by my friends, my family, and myself. A set of seven original audio tracks, sold separately, "illustrates" the book as well. I'm a composer by training, so I had to get some music in there, too. :)

I hope you will find many useful ideas in this book. Every page was made with love, by me for you.

You will get a PDF (117MB) file