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Fuel For Your Fancy Machine: A Carnivore Book For Kids

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What would happen if your dad came home with an incredibly expensive, fancy, brand new car…and then decided to fill up the gas tank with caramel syrup? This ooey, gooey analogy is the basis for an exploration of how our bodies work best—when running on the fuel they were designed to use. 

“This book should be in every carnivore and keto family library,” wrote a reader. If you’re interested in teaching your children about the importance of eating meat, animal fats, and eggs, Fuel for Your Fancy Machine is an excellent place to start.

In this book, kids will learn about:

  • Nutrients, cells, and how nutrients fuel the cells of the body
  • Nutrient bioavailability
  • Anti-nutrients found in plants
  • How anti-nutrient bioaccumulation causes many types of illnesses
  • Animal foods containing bioavailable nutrients
  • Examples of fatty meat
  • How the bioavailable nutrients in a meat-based diet help kids grow strong, smart, and healthy, and help them heal when they are sick

Ketogenic, low-carb, meat-based, and carnivore diets have been recommended by many leading medical doctors including:

  • Family Physician Dr. Ken Berry
  • Pediatric and Adult Nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung
  • Pedatric and Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Robert Cywes
  • Obesity Medicine Specialist and Professor Dr. Eric Westman 
  • Neurosurgeon Dr. Anthony Chaffee
  • Fertility Specialist and OB/GYN Dr. Robert Kiltz
  • Professor and Psychiatrist Dr. Chris Palmer
  • Psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede
  • Professor and Obesity Medicine Specialist Dr. Eric Westman
  • Osteopath and Thyroid Specialist Dr. Elizabeth Bright
  • Award-Winning Physician Dr. Sean O’Mara, who served a former US president and other senior government officials, and now optimizes the health of pro athletes and CEOs

…and many more.

This is a 42-page digital PDF download. Fuel For Your Fancy Machine is also available as a full-color paperback on Amazon.

You will get a PDF (123MB) file